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Robin began his working life as a Homeopath and has now been practising for over 26 years. He is registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH).


He later trained as an Allergy Therapist (allergy testing and treatment), and has been running The Allergy Clinic (UK) for over 20 years. He is registered as a Fellow with the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy (FBIAET). Please visit his website

He is also a Counsellor who practises a love-centred approach to healing and self-discovery. He is registered with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation (ROSIM).



Robin’s approach to illness generally is truly 'holistic', which simply means looking at the 'whole picture' where health and wellbeing is concerned. It means taking into consideration all the factors and circumstances that might be contributing to the symptoms his clients present with. This approach helps him to identify and address the underlying causes of illness, and is the best way of helping people to get well and stay well. His aim is to help restore health and vitality and resistance to illness and stress. 


As a counsellor, Robin’s love-centred approach is intuitive, engaged and compassionate. His focus, ultimately, is on helping people to heal their relationship with themselves, their primary relationship, in order to find out who they really are and what they really want. He works with clients from all backgrounds, with wide ranging beliefs and issues - including trauma. He also works with children.


Over the years he has consolidated his skills and experience in each of his disciplines, and has developed a truly integrated and effective approach to helping people whatever their situation.


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What people say about Robin Ravenhill ...


"Your diagnosis was really good ... Yesterday I had my first day free of sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes for many months. Many thanks, Robin." - M T


"I've had no night sweats this cycle at all, and I'm sleeping normally again ... I feel less depressed and tearful, more in control." – G M


"I think you are a star at being genuinely and completely you with no holding back. You naturally see people and where they are in their life journey." - S F

"How fortunate we are in Eastbourne to have this gem of a clinic that offers a wide range of natural therapies and treatments."

Sara De Siena