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Lucilla is a fully qualified Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner. She trained with Marisa Peer, the originator of this powerful and renowned form of hypnotherapy. RTT is now recognised around the world for its potential to transform people's lives. For more information visit her

Lucilla is also a fully trained Bowen Technique practitioner and achieves great results. She qualified in 2000 with the Bowen International Foundation, and in 2001 went on to train in Vibromuscular Harmonisation, an advanced form of Bowen. She has enjoyed practising for more than 19 years and has helped hundreds of people feel better.


For fees, please see each of the therapies Lucilla offers.



What people say about Lucilla Ravenhill ...

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"Gosh what a difference in me! I feel a lot lighter; in the days after my hypnotherapy people have commented, ‘You are glowing!’ I feel so much freer that I didn’t realise the weight of the trauma and beliefs I have now let go of. I question where I would be headed if I had not gone through this life changing process ... I am indebted to you Lucilla. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to let go of old stuff from childhood that has never served me." - Claire Isaacs



"When my back is bad I have trouble lifting my legs off the ground, walking is painful and running impossible. After Bowen with Lucilla I can play tennis again and have a normal life. Before Lucilla I saw a chiropractor and a physio who gave me only temporary relief. I have recommended Lucilla over the years to many friends and family and they have all been very happy with the improvement of their particular ailment." - Jayne Heath-Brown

"How fortunate we are in Eastbourne to have this gem of a clinic that offers a wide range of natural therapies and treatments."

Sara De Siena

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