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with Robin Ravenhill


I am an experienced counsellor. I work with adults and couples, children and young people from all walks of life. I help people whatever their circumstances, with a wide range of challenges, including many who have experienced seriously unloving behaviour, trauma and abuse, and may be suffering from PTSD.


Please see my Testimonials below.

I practise a love-centred approach to healing and personal growth. Healing is a return to love - to healthy self-love - to that sense of wholeness we once knew without even thinking about it.


My approach is based on a vision of ourselves as basically loving and loveable ... a world view that says love is essentially what we are made of. We cannot lose what we are made of, but we can - and do - lose sight of it. This experience of separation from who we really are is our collective human wound and pretty much our 'normal' way of being - until we see ourselves clearly again ...

'Love is our natural state. Everything else is forgetting.'

- Robert Holden


Painful separation is usually triggered when something ‘goes wrong’ in our lives. At some stage we experience emotional upsets, displacements and challenges, maybe even shocks, traumas and abuses. 'Shit happens' ... and when it does it can have deep and difficult consequences. It is when things go wrong that we may lose sight of ourselves as loving and lovable. Our self-image is damaged, and the inner critic appears. This critical voice then begins to influence the course of our lives, and over the years holds us back from realising and living the truth of who we are. Real happiness and fulfilment elude us. Much of this happens unconsciously, and much of what we do is unconscious sabotage, but most of us know when we feel dislocated from ourselves even if we feel unable to do something about it.

I help people who would love to be happy, who want life to flow through them, and who want clarity about who they are in the world. You may feel something important - even vital - is missing in your life. You may suffer from self-doubt, have relationship problems, or feel dissatisfied with your work. You may have experienced loss, trauma and abuse. Or maybe you have a serious or chronic illness, and find yourself struggling to recover. Perhaps you’ve tried 'everything’ but you're still suffering ...

All stories are welcome, as is your willingness to heal and grow.



To learn more about my approach please visit my website:


To decide whether you would like my help, please call me for a free 10 minute no-obligation conversation. I'm happy to listen and to advise:07891 892652.

Or send me your enquiry via email:




One-to-one sessions are usually 1 hour long (sometimes longer):

Adults and Young People (age 14 and over) - £70

Children (age 13 and under) - £60

Couples - £90 (sessions are usually 90 minutes long)

When helping couples I often work jointly with my wife, Lucilla. She is also a counsellor and RTT hypnotherapist:


My Clients Say ...

"The first time I met Robin, he asked a simple question with such sincerity it punctured a hole right through me. It was, I came to learn, typical of Robin's style; perceptive, curious and electric. Running on fear in a fearful world, I came to him looking for a path and the courage to take it. Robin proved to be an invaluable ally on that journey. Our sessions have been enjoyable, mind-expanding and, most importantly, encouraging. His love-centred approach is refreshing; it pushes past all distractions to get straight to the heart of the matter. What could be more important?" 
 -  Chris McMath
"My counselling sessions with Robin allowed me to explore my situation in an open, honest and non judgemental way and his encouragement to look at my life through a lens of love and not fear helped me to figure out the right decisions to take moving forward. Robin was very easy to talk to, and I felt that he genuinely wanted to help me. My perspective shifted to a much healthier place during our sessions and I left with a much better understanding of myself. I would thoroughly recommend Robin for counselling."
 -  Claire Gill
"Every time I come to see you, you manage to give me just what I need to move things along!"  -  N B
"I don’t know anyone else who can cut through to the essentials like you."  -  M S
"Thank you for helping me to open the door so much wider. I'm beginning to see more clearly who I really am."  -  J M

"How fortunate we are in Eastbourne to have this gem of a clinic that offers a wide range of natural therapies and treatments."

Sara De Siena

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