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Haley is a skilled and intuitive Clinical Hypnotherapist. She trained with renowned hypnotherapist, speaker, and author, Andrew Parr ('The Real You').

‘I create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your feelings, challenges and fears, and allow lasting and positive transformation’ 

She is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional support, tailoring her approach to meet the unique needs of each client.

Whether it's processing childhood trauma, overcoming anxiety and fears, improving self-confidence, managing stress, or achieving personal goals, she is committed to helping you navigate life's challenge with a renewed perspective, feeling stronger, calmer, more motivated and reslilient. 

'I believe that everyone has the right to feel safe, strong and at home in themselves; I am here to provide the tools and support to make that a reality'


Haley uses safe, proven and effective therapeutic hypnosis to guide her clients towards positive change, using Inner Child Therapy, Parts Therapy, Regression Therapy and Hypno-analysis, in addition to powerful and transformative suggestion. 


Her soothing voice, calm and kind nature, and expertise in bringing about deep relaxation helps her clients to let go and trust the safe and gentle process of hypnosis, to bring about powerful and lasting transformation.


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Introductory/Single session - 90 mins - £95

This introductory or stand alone session will help get to the heart of the issue you want to transform. The session involves an in depth discussion and hypnotherapy involving solution, suggestion, inner child  and/or parts therapy, depending on the issue. You may feel a powerful shift after just one session, or that you'd like to do deeper work and book further sessions. We'll discuss this after your session.

Course of 3 sessions - 60 mins each - £255

Lots of powerful suggestion and guided visualisation to support and heal deep emotional hurt or to remove long lived fears or trauma, all while deeply relaxed and inwardly focused. These sessions will help change beliefs and behaviour, and help support a new identity around the block or trauma.

Course of 5 sessions - 60 mins each - £375


For clients needing longer term support and healing. These sessions will help process long held destructive beliefs and behaviours holding you back from living a happy and fulfilled life. We will also work on longer term goals and short term solutions. Lots of powerful suggestion and guided visualisation, all while deeply relaxed and inwardly focused, to help achieve lasting freedom from fear and blocks.

For further information on Haley's pricing and packages please visit:


What people say about Haley Stevens ...

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"​Hypnotherapy with Haley has changed my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined. My thoughts are peaceful, my relationships are stronger, I feel confident for a happy future." 
Charlotte, 28, East Sussex, UK

​"Haley is an extremely talented and intuitive therapist. I sought her help to support me in a chronic illness. She was able to recognise and understand my needs, immediately. I am so grateful to her for her flexible and caring approach. She has helped me to adapt and transform my life."   
Nicky, 68, London, UK

"Thanks to Haley I now have the freedom to express myself through singing, and see myself in a totally new light. The whole experience felt very collaborative. Haley is caring and sensitive to any worries. She has great perception for getting to the heart of the things that really matter."
Jean, 55, Oxford, UK

"How fortunate we are in Eastbourne to have this gem of a clinic that offers a wide range of natural therapies and treatments."

Sara De Siena

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