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Dr. Carolyn Rubens is a medical doctor who integrates acupuncture and lifestyle approaches into her work. Carolyn first trained with the British Medical Acupuncture Society in 2004 ( obtaining her accreditation in 2008. She is President of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (from 2018 -2019) as well as being an examiner for the Western medical acupuncture diploma assessing GPs and other healthcare professionals in the use of Western scientific acupuncture. 

In 2017 Carolyn set up her own acupuncture clinic, the Community Based Acupuncture Service (CBAS), at the Macmillan Horizon Centre in Brighton which is funded by the Sussex Cancer Fund. A new branch is opening in Eastbourne in 2020.

Her particular interests lie in providing individualised treatments for her patients as well as supporting patients to reduce the need for medication and treating the side effects of cancer treatment. She has lectured extensively at home and abroad on the use of acupuncture to treat symptoms experienced in cancer patients and also in the use of acupuncture as an alternative to medication. 


She is also interested in treating children and young adults experiencing mental health problems who often don’t respond well to drugs and prefer a non drug approach. 





Increasingly it is becoming apparent that it is our lifestyles that are causing much of chronic ill health both physical and mental. Our bodies have not caught up with our modern lifestyles and more of us are feeling the need to turn to non pharmacological methods to return us to our natural state of health.


Poor lifestyle choices like dietary patterns, physical inactivity, inadequate sleep as well as psychosocial factors such as chronic stress and lack of social support and community can all contribute to chronic disease. By looking at these factors in your life we can begin to identify small simple steps that can be easily implemented to start to improve your health. 


Turning the “What” into a “Why” helps us to consider the wider aspects of lifestyle including sleep patterns, stress, diet, exercise and environment to identify those aspects of your lifestyle contributing to less than optimum health.


Having trained with the Institute of Heartmath, Carolyn also considers how your mindset and reactions to situations can affect your internal physiology. Using the analysis of your heart rate variability you can quickly be taught techniques to reduce feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression and helplessness and find more calmness in your life.


By considering these aspects of lifestyle as well as working on your mindset, Carolyn can help you to regain more balance in your life and work with you to write a “lifestyle prescription” to improve your specific symptoms and general enjoyment of life.



Carolyn takes a whole person approach to your health problems integrating lifestyle medicine and acupuncture after taking a history to assess the reasons underlying your symptoms.  Regularly using acupuncture but also discussing nutrition, exercise, sleep and techniques for relaxation, Carolyn is happy to take a flexible approach to your health needs and work with you to find the best solution to your current health needs.


Initial lifestyle assessment - £80 to £100 (heart rate variability can be measured)

Follow up - £60


First consultation including acupuncture - 45 minutes - £80

Follow ups - 30 minutes - £55


"How fortunate we are in Eastbourne to have this gem of a clinic that offers a wide range of natural therapies and treatments."

Sara De Siena

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