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Michaela is a fully qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist, graduating with distinction from the Institute for Nutritional Therapy (ION). She later completed the Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) training with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in 2015.


She studied with Dr Deanna Minich in her 7 Systems of Health to become a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner in 2016.


She experienced the healing of an apparently incurable illness and  researched the miracle that had occured  seeking out mentors that were pushing the boundaries of health and healing.


In 2017 she began training with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt to learn his Autonomic Response Testing (ART) technique as well as the best methods to detox heavy metals and deal with complex illness like Lyme Disease and Morgellons. 

Michaela was an Oxford University graduate,  winning an academic scholarship at St John’s College which has led to a love of study and research.  She regularly attends numerous nutrition and health conferences bringing the very best of the latest nutrition science to her clinical work.


Before your consultation you will need to complete and return the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. This should be returned in plenty of time and at least 48 hours prior to your consultation to ensure the best possible outcome. This information allows your case to be prepared, medication side-effects and drug-nutrient interactions assessed, latest research and clinical trials on your specific conditions to be checked and a great deal of the ground work to be done in advance.

It also helps to provide a health timeline of the events in your life. Using a Functional Medicine approach involves a very detailed case history and a timeline helps establish root causes that underly illness. Please give as much detail as you can on life events, particularly stressful ones, such as traumatic birth, being separated from parents, significant childhood illnesses, medical interventions, moving home, when various symptoms began, marriage, pregnancies, births, divorce, bereavement. The more detail provided the more beneficial the process will be.

Finally, complete the diet and lifestyle diary. This helps plan a personalised protocol that will fit with where you are at right now and the specific challenges you currently face in your daily life.

These forms can be downloaded by clicking the links below:
Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
Health Timeline
Diet and Lifestyle Diary

The initial consultation will last 90 minutes. In this time you will get a good understanding of how your health story fits together and the root causes and imbalances that are causing your current health concerns. You will be asked of your goals so that your protocol can be designed to address the things that concern you most.

Based on the information on your questionnaire, Michaela will work with you to build a full case history. This covers your genetic predispositions, events in your life, and health challenges you have faced from birth onwards. All these factors help put the pieces of your puzzle together to identify any biochemical imbalances that are driving your symptoms.

The consultation fee includes email support for 4 weeks following your consultation to ensure you are happy with any changes you are making and anything that may come up as a result.
If you are dealing with complex health issues and need follow up consultations, these are usually after 4 weeks, although if you are waiting for lab results, it is best to wait until the results are back.

If you have been given a supplement programme, it is recommended that you have this reassessed at least every 3 months. This is because supplements are recommended as a therapeutic intervention to address imbalances, rather than as ongoing substitution for a healthy diet. Once balance has been restored it is expected that those supplements will no longer be necessary. This is particularly the case when supplementing nutrients in isolation to address deficiencies, as nutrients need to be balanced and once a deficiency is corrected, excess of that nutrient can lead to deficiencies in others.


First consultation - 90 minutes £75

Follow up consultations - 60 minutes £45

Lab tests - price varies

"How fortunate we are in Eastbourne to have this gem of a clinic that offers a wide range of natural therapies and treatments."

Sara De Siena

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