Do you think you might have Allergies, Intolerances or Toxicity issues?


Food and environmental sensitivities are the cause (or part cause) of many common health problems, and these can be identified and remedied by allergy testing and treatment. Conditions include hay fever, eczema and asthma; also fatigue, weight gain and IBS, and many more.



The 'Bigger Picture'


During your consultation we will discuss your health and wellbeing in some depth. Many people with allergies have underlying issues which predispose them to react to things in an allergic way. Together we will consider your diet and eating habits, home and work environments, the impact of common toxins, lifestyle and stress factors, and so on. 

The 'big picture' for you will provide the context for evaluating the results of your allergy test, and for the treatment andadvice you'll receive.



Testing Methods and Treatments


You will be tested for a range of allergies. The method used is Diagnostic Kinesiology (sometimes referred to as ‘muscle testing’), a safe and non-invasive approach which is both accurate and versatile. It is ideal for children, including babies, as well as adults.


Additionally, if it looks like there are significant food sensitivities, a Diagnostic Elimination Diet is usually recommended. This takes the diagnostic process one step further and helps to confirm the results of kinesiology testing.


Laboratory Tests are also available (at additional cost), but these are only required in exceptional circumstances. They include blood and stool tests to further evaluate immune response and gut health.


Used individually or in combination, the above tests will provide an accurate picture of your allergy status.


The aim of testing and treatment is twofold: firstly, to reduce the toxic load in your body, and secondly, to strengthen your immune response to offending allergens. Health is restored (as required) by means of detoxification, attention to diet and to gut health, homeopathic allergy desensitisation, and nutritional medicines.





Adults (age 21 and over) – 90 mins - £190


Young people (age 14-20) – 90 mins - £150


Follow up - 1 hour -  £40*


Children (age 13 and under) – 90 mins - £110


The consultation fee includes allergy and intolerance testing, as well as in-depth case taking, discussion and advice, and a personalised management and treatment plan for you to put into effect. It also includes follow-up email and phone support as required.


*Follow-up appointments are only occasionally needed. The fee is approximately one-third the first consultation fee. 


OFFER: A 10% Family & Friends Fee Reduction is available for each additional family member or friend who comes to see me.


Concessions are available by negotiation for individuals/families on a low income (usually in receipt of benefits or tax credits).


Practitioner:  Robin Ravenhill





“I feel much better about myself, quite proud in fact. The bottom line is I am much better.”​


— MT

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